welcome to kyra's website. kyranet was launched in 2003 by kevin perez for his daughter, kyra marie dimayuga perez. kyra is also known to her immediate family as dudie. a name dubbed her by her grandmother, kyra has adopted the nickname. the name kyranet is a combination of kyra's name and her mother's name, linette. her full name, without the nickname (dudie), is kyra marie dimayuga perez. as her grandmother likes to call family by a nickname, kyra has also created a name for her father. her father, kevin perez, is known to dudie and her immediate family as doozie. the name doozie really has no root. but it's nice to know that doozie is a name derived from the phrase, 'it's a doozie!'. defined as 'a second good event/thing'. how you want to interpret that one is up to you. kyra perez is a wonderful, smart, happy, beautiful girl. kyra likes her pokemon and yugioh. she plays her game boy and game cube games with passion. kyra has even attended pokemon events and has visited the pokemon center in NYC. I hope you enjoy her site, kyranet. it's intended to be updated quarterly, but may or may be the case. it's just a fun place to share photographs, happenings, and family. kyra dimayuga perez would like to thank you for visiting.
dudie's 9th birthday photo album - pictures from dudie's 9th birthday at chuck e. cheese's
welcome to kyra's website

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his site is dedicated to dudie (a.k.a. kyra), her family, and anything dudie.
inside you'll find pictures and info on dudie and her family and friends; news on what dudie's been up to, and more stuff being added weekly.

check back often! the site is still being updated and developed. if you find empty pages, it's probably being worked on.

if you have some suggestions or have some pictures or news to be included, contact doozie at kevin[a]ispirato.com.
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